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  1. by   zzyzx.kid
    Does anybody know what kind of supplies we will need? I'm thinking stethoscope, watch with second hand, etc. Will we need a specific color shoes?
  2. by   BostontoDC

    Here is a link to the new student welcome brochure:

    I found it on Georgetown's website- it looks like it is for the fall class but I'm assuming they'll update it for us soon. It has lots of information about starting the program.

    This is the list of supplies it provides, I am hoping the supplies list for us will be similar.

    • Black ballpoint pen
    • Watch with second hand
    • Penlight
    • Stethoscope (plan to spend $100–$125). Please do NOT
    purchase a stethoscope for under $50 or over $200.
    These stethoscopes will not meet your needs.
    • Pocket-sized note pad
    • PDA (see policy below)
  3. by   hascher
    I actually ordered a stethoscope from today as they are having a sale on the Litman scopes which are normally 100.00 but on sale for 69.00. I read the reviews and people really seem to like this one. It seems like a good one for school and for practice. It also comes in a bunch of delightful colors (lol) and there is the option for engraving so you won't lose your scope as easily if this is an issue for you. As for the black ballpoint pen - that's going to be an issue - lol.
  4. by   Pointe1978
    Congrats to all of you! I am applying for fall 2012. Hoping to ease some anxiety. Would any of you mind sharing your credentials(gpa, degrees etc). I have a 3.4 BA in psych, 3.9 MS in health care management) Have interned in an OR and worked in doctors office. Anyone similar get in? Should I apply? You can email me with credentials or any advice. Thanks!!!
  5. by   FarminRN
    I def think you should apply. If GU is where you want to go and are willing to make that investment, you should. It's a great program and a great school. Your profile seems strong just based on what you have listed here. I think I speak for many when I say applying is half of the battle, playing the waiting game is the more difficult half.