Georgetown ABSN Fall 2012

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    I was just wondering if anyone else applied to the accelerated bsn program at Georgetown starting this fall? I am attending an information session in mid April and wanted to see if anyone else is going.


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    I did! I'll be attending a visit day on April 13th! Did you apply anywhere else?
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    I will be attending that day as well! I also applied to George Washington and Marymount, what about you?
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    Thanks for starting this thread TXgirl912! I'm going to the 3/30 info session. Did you guys also apply for the WHC scholar?
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    Yes, I did. I will be interviewing for that on 4/14. Did you apply also?
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    Yes, my interview will be on 3/31 at WHC. I just got the itinerary for that interview. I'll let you know how it goes after next weekend.
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    No I didn't apply for it, mostly because I read somewhere that it was either impossible to work in pediatrics or nearly impossible and I ONLY want pediatrics.

    I also applied to Hopkins, Maryland CNL, GW, and Marymount. So far I've been accepted to Hopkins and Marymount and I've got an interview with Maryland. Decisions, decisions. How and why did y'all pick Georgetown?
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    Hi! I picked Georgetown b/c it's a really good program and they have the WHC scholarship. I would have applied to Hopkins and NYU as well but they are too expensive and have no scholarships. If money wasn't a factor, I definitely would apply to those programs too. I'm interested in pediatrics as well, but if I am accepted for the WHC scholar program then at least I know I will have a job right after graduation. Even though there is a need for nurses, it takes time to get a job as a new grad in the current economy b/c older nurses are coming out of retirement or staying longer in their positions. I've read in posts from past years that there is an option to break your contract with WHC; you just have to pay back what you basically borrowed. Having at least 1 year experience as a nurse opens up more job opportunities.
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    Yeah, you're definitely right about all of that! Good luck!
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    Hi all! I will also be attending the 4/13 and 4/14 sessions. I'm looking forward to meeting some of you and hearing about your interview experiences!

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