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Financial Aid for second degree BSN/MSN students at UPenn

  1. 0 I know Penn gives any first-degree undergraduate with a family income under $60,000 a free ride with all grants and no loans. Does anyone know if that policy still holds for second-degree BSN/MSN students as well (or for at least the BSN portion)? I took out way too many loans for my English degree and bumping up to the maximum threshold would mean I cannot possibly a nurse. I simply won't have the money.

    If anyone knows, please let me know, and I'd really appreciate it.

    I will of course apply for private scholarships and scholarships at the community college at which I am taking prerequisites, as well as apply to and enroll in their ADN program if it is the cheaper option. With the job market for ADNs so difficult, though, I'm really hoping I can get into Penn with a great scholarship.
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    I thought once you have a 4yr degree, you can't get grants.
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    Your best bet would be a direct entry MSN RN program as that would make govt grad student loans avail, although the interest now capitalizes from day one, the govt used to pay the interest during grad school, not anymore.
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    Thanks for the advice from both of you. I'll look into MSN direct entry programs when I'm close to finishing my prereqs.