Famu Nursing School Spring 2014 - page 5

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Has anyone already began submitting their applications to Famu nursing program for the spring of 2014? Im about to submit mines. Any pointers? I stay n Miami Fl standing at a 3.5 GPA. Where can i access everything I need. If... Read More

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    Good luck to everyone
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    Oh ok! Thanks! Good luck to you too!
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    They started calling people for interviews today!!!! interviews are in November
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    I got an interview as well !!! I'm soooooo happy !!!! Good luck to everyone !
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    Congrats medical girl2011
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    I'm freaking out, I've been checking my phone all day no call.. I wish they would everybody at once.
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    Hi guys, I am new to this web site but decided to join after I got a phone call yesterday for an interview. I am so excited and I wish everyone good luck!!!
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    I got a call yesterday I have a interview!!!!!
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    Thank you ms ac and to everyone who got an interview when are your interviews?
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    my interview is on wednesday nov 20 for 11am. does anybody know the address?