Duquesne University Accelerated Nursing Program class of 2015

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    I just got the wonderful news that I was accepted into Duquense's accelerated program yesterday!!! It was my first choice so I am rather excited. I start August of 2014! Anyone been through the program that can offer any advice? Anyone else applied or recently got accepted? I would love to see who my future classmates are : )
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    Quote from puppylvr
    thank you
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    Hey! I was just accepted as well. I am still undecided where I want to go though. Have you visited yet?
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    I have visited. I interviewed as well as went for open house. It is a nice campus tucked on top of a hill in downtown pittsburgh. The faculty seemed nice and helpful. The clinical simulation lab seemed very nice as well. What are your other choices. I have only applied and been accepted to duquesne and Robert Morris. I chose duquesne because I like the school and faculty better, a lot of clinical sites to choose from, they offer an 8 week preceptoship, and its an 11 month program
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    I'm glad to hear you like it so far! My main concern really was reading a few other comments from someone on here that said Duquesne's clinical sites were not great because UPMC essentially controls all the major hospitals in Pittsburgh with the exception of Allegheny General. Although Duquesne's website mentioned clinical sites at a lot of the UPMC hospitals so that is reassuring. I've applied to some other ones (University of Maine, Drexel, Jefferson in Virginia) but out of those Duquesne is my top choice. I might apply to just a few more. It sucks Duquesne makes you commit so soon though, by beginning of December I think.
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    i know i have to have my deposit in by December 1st..kind of sucky..I applied to Drexel as well but was kind of skeptical about their program. I currently live in Philly and havent heard to many great things about their ACE program : /
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    @nb1985 what exactly have you heard about Drexel's ACE program because I applied to their Fall 2014 class and I definitely see mixed reviews on this site...
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    I had a gf who was enrolled in villanovas program and she observed and told me that the people in Drexel's program all looked really stressed out during their clinicals. They take alot more credits per semester and there are alot more students ( they have both fall and winter admissions) that the staff have to deal with making the classes a little more overwhelming for everyone.
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    Hello! I was accepted as well. I'm all the way in Texas and have not yet visited. Can anyone share knowledge about Duquesne or Pittsburgh in general?
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