Drexel University ACE Program Fall 2011 Start

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    Has anyone applied to the Drexel University ACE Program for the Fall 2011 start? I recently applied and have sent my transcript. Please feel free to post anything about the program and/or the Fall 2011 start.


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    I am mailing my transcripts today! Did they tell you if you had to wait for the priority deadline to pass before you were notified. I hate thinking about having to wait all the way until the end of the year to find out. It would be nice to know sooner so I can start gettin things in order. Good luck and I look forward to hearing about your acceptance!
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    I do not know if the priority deadline has to pass before I hear back, but I hope not. I frequently check online at https://discover.drexel.edu/cp/home/displaylogin
    to see what my admission status is. You should receive your student ID and PIN in the first mailing or email I believe. You can call 1-800-2-DREXEL to get your student ID/PIN if you cannot find it. After reading other threads from previous perspective ACE classes, this is the fastest way to know what is going on. Good luck!

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    Make sure to post if you hear something. I assume you will hear before me. That way others can try and gage how long before they hear. How long has your application been complete?
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    One more question, I have my ID number but they never gave me a password. Do you know how that works?
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    Certainly, I will be sure to post once I hear back. I applied, let's see, a little over three weeks ago. My transcript was received the Monday before last. Based on other threads from previous ACE classes, we are definitely not out of the ballpark for submitting the application in an appropriate amount of time. Now it is just down to seeing if we are qualified to be in the program. *Fingers crossed*

    If you call 1-800-2-DREXEL a person will tell you your password. I only received my student ID in the mail and had to call for it.

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    hey guys! I just applied to Drexel for the fall of 2011. Im surpised at how easy it was. No reccs! thank god! lol. Do you need to submit an essay tho? im alittle confused about that.

    What other schools are you guys applying to and what pre reqs do you still need to take?

    Also, next wed the 23rd I am going to Drexel's open house. I will let you know what they say!

    Keep in touch!
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    Hi schick672,

    You do not need to include an essay, but I am sure it does not hurt if you do.

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    I cancelled my application to Drexel because I will be attending a graduate program instead. Good luck and I hope you all hear back from Drexel soon deasiac and schick672!

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    Thanks jensters and good luck and congrats on your acceptance!

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