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I don't see a group yet started for admission to the Fall 2018's Augusta U MSN/CNL program. I have read through the forum of the Fall 2017 group and it seems to have been very informative! I am... Read More

  1. by   EKBLeadRNPsychNPsoon
    I received my acceptance letter. Whew!!

    Destination: Athens!!!
  2. by   EKBLeadRNPsychNPsoon
    Going to Athens. My Stats are:

    Undergraduate degree in Comparative Literature
    Masters degrees in Creative Writing and Sociology
    NursingCAS calculated GPA: 3.74
    Prerequisite GPA: 3.5
    GRE: 311 + 5 on the Writing

    Health Care Experience:
    Crisis Hotline Volunteer for 2 years;
    Hospital Volunteer for 10 months;
    CNA1 in Psych for 3 months at time of application

    Submitted Application through NursingCAS on November 22nd
    Application under review on December 18th
    Interviewed on January 12th
    Acceptance Letter arrived in New York on February 13th
  3. by   futureRN94
    Hi everyone my status changed from ready to review to decision made, in mail. I also see a section that saya background consent form. Is this a good sign? I am trying not to get my hopes up but I'm hoping its a good thing! Any input?
  4. by   Heather94
    Hi futureRN94,

    Everyone I talked to says that it's a good sign to see that, since they wouldn't need a background check filled out on you unless you were to enroll in the program. Hope this helps!