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Just looking for some advice. I am the Oncology Resource Nurse and have had multiple patient c/o nausea following saline flushes. The flushes we use are preservative and latex free. My nurses have... Read More

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    I work in an outpatient treatment center with mainly oncology patients, and we hear this a lot. But we've actually found a solution: for these patients, we don't use the pre-filled syringes but draw the saline up from individual 10-ml vials. I know that if you read the label on the vial and the label on the pre-filled syringe it looks like they should both be exactly the same thing in terms of preservatives, etc. that could cause the nausea, but we've concluded that there's some kind of difference because this solves the problem for these patients. This has baffled all our RNs, doctors, and pharmacists, but this solution has worked for us.

    But a 10 cc Normal Saline vial has zero preservatives in it! Neither do most prefilled syringes as both contain single dose saline. The difference between them may be the manufacturer, but both contain 0.9% sodium chloride.