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  1. Hello all, I was hoping to hear from some nurses who work or have worked as an RN in an oncology physician practice. I have an interview at a large cancer center for a position in the MD's offices, and I have never worked in a doctor's office before. Now, MAs are the ones doing the typical duties of taking vitals, etc and I'm not clear on what an RN's role in an office is, particularly an oncologist's office. I was told by HR on the phone that I would be triaging and doing lots of patient education regarding treatments, diet, etc. I would not be administering Chemo or cancer treatments in this position.

    I was hoping some of you could maybe describe what a typical day is as an RN working in an oncologists office. Thank you in advance for any help that will help me make a decision if I'm offered the job!
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  3. by   christina731
    I currently work in an outpatient oncology office. I used to do chemo infusion but now I work in the clinic. I take care of the patients when they are newly diagnosed/are starting a new treatment with education. I also take calls from patients who are having side effects/illnesses at home. I'm also the right hand to the MD whenever they need to consult with another physician or call the patient. I also facilitate inpatient hospital admissions for patients who will receive chemo in the hospital. I used to do chemo infusion but I was transferred to this position when I became pregnant. Overall, it is a fantastic job. I've worked in the hospital and in outpatient surgical services and this is by far the best job I've had as a nurse. I hope this helps and let me know if you need anything else.
  4. by   daisy90005
    Hi. I also have a job opportunity in an oncology physicians office. Its affliated with the state unoversity hospital and it is a great opportunity for me to learn new area of nursing.I was briefly told by the interviewer that there is an experienced infusion nurse in the office and that if I get hired, I will assist the nurse. I am also planning to get pregnant soon, and I wonder if then as a pregnant nurse, am I able to handle the job? I asked my nurse friend and she said if it is outpatient, then I shouldn't be directly mixing or preparing the infusion so no exposure to chemo drugs. I would like your opnion. Thank you in advance
  5. by   bijou
    Hi, I am also considering a position as an outpatient oncology educator to patients ready to get treatment and surgeries. I currently work on a unit in the hospital. Does any one know the general salary for a registered nurse in a oncology specialty within an outpatient office? Thank you!
  6. by   GeauxNursing
    I currently work for a four physician oncology group in Dallas. This is my first job as an RN, with 12 years of dialysis as an LVN behind me. I am the clinic nurse for one of the physicians. We do clinic together, I fulfill his orders of medication, Imaging, chemotherapy verification, Labs. I request lots of records and review them. Our clinic also administers chemotherapy, which we mix. So 3 days a week I am mixing and giving chemotherapy. I am very busy as his nurse with office visits and follow up. And the chemotherapy room is very busy as well. I do triage as well, for the chemotherapy and non chemotherapy patients. I love this job a lot, everyday has something a little different. And it also allows me to build a good relationship with my patients, which I am used to from dialysis. It is a very busy office, there are probably 20 of us who all work together.

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