Oncology RN in doctors office

  1. Hello all, I was hoping to hear from some nurses who work or have worked as an RN in an oncology physician practice. I have an interview at a large cancer center for a position in the MD's offices, and I have never worked in a doctor's office before. Now, MAs are the ones doing the typical duties of taking vitals, etc and I'm not clear on what an RN's role in an office is, particularly an oncologist's office. I was told by HR on the phone that I would be triaging and doing lots of patient education regarding treatments, diet, etc. I would not be administering Chemo or cancer treatments in this position.

    I was hoping some of you could maybe describe what a typical day is as an RN working in an oncologists office. Thank you in advance for any help that will help me make a decision if I'm offered the job!