Oncology Drug shortage - page 3

I want your take on the recent oncology drug shortage we are experiencing now. Drugs like cytarabine, leucovorin, thiotepa, etoposide, bleomycin, doxorubicin, and cisplatin. During our last GI tumor board meeting, I heard about... Read More

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    We've had issues with leucovorin lately. I've noticed that it's being ordered PO routinely. Normally I wouldn't have a problem, but waking up a 6 year old at 0300 to take a pill is rather unpleasant. Our docs are frustrated with it and can usually be counted on to order a PRN IV specifically for the middle of the night doses. I'm assuming in the adult world patients don't get that luxury

    Thankfully, I've never had to tell a family "sorry, your kid can't get chemo because we don't have any" but that list scares me!

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