OCN 2017, insight

  1. Hello my fellow oncology nurses! I took my OCN exam this past week ... and I PASSED! If there is anyone out there who's preparing for their exam looking for direction or insight, here it is!

    • OCN EXAM BLUEPRINT .. I had a copy EVERYWHERE! In my binder, on my desk, on my wall directly in front of my desk, and my fridge I used this to study faithfully!
    • Core Curriculum Textbook and Study Guide (Purple Book) .. I went section by section in the textbook and then answered the questions in the study guide book. There were A LOT of select-all-that-apply questions in the study guide, there WERE NONE on the OCN exam. Honestly, I did not like the textbook but I sucked it up and used it.
    • OCN SECRETS book ... I ordered this book from Amazon. SAVE YOUR MONEY!
    • OCN Practice Questions book from Amazon .. this booklet had two 165-question tests with GREAT rationales! Get this, thank me later!
    • ONCC Practice tests A, B, and C ... I purchased the bundle from the website and used these practice test two days before the OCN exam. Really close to the structure of the OCN exam itself!
    • I attended a 2-day OCN Review and a 2-day Chemo/Bio therapy class about three months apart.

    THE OCN EXAM ... (of course, I can't give too much information/questions away)

    • First thing first, the security clearance is kind of ... extreme!
    • Honestly, I WAS NOT prepared to take a 165-question test (I was lucky to have 90-ish on NCLEX)! I was only taking 50 practice questions at a time to prepare for this exam (bad idea, PREPARE YOURSELF)!
    • You can mark questions and return to them later, this is good and bad. I nearly marked 80 questions ... and honestly I only changed 5 answers among that 80.
    • KNOW YOUR MEDS! KNOW YOUR MEDS! Does this sound familiar from NCLEX? Yea, KNOW YOUR MEDS! Many of the meds were fairly "frequently used" .. maybe 2 I hadn't seen before! of course, generic names
    • It seemed like there was a question from every sub-category of the divided sections on the blueprint. LOOK AT YOUR BLUEPRINT
    • I finished my test in about 1.5 hours so I was convinced I failed. After clicking submit my score DID NOT pop up so of course I was panicky because I thought I would see the screen thankfully, after sitting to get the print out ... I PASSED!

    Screening, Carcinogenesis, Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Symptom Management, Oncological Emergencies, Psych, professional .... IT'S ALL THERE! Don't think "oh I won't get any of that" YES, yes you will! I was sure I wouldn't get any clinical trials ... yea right! I was wrong! ANC
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  3. by   DowntheRiver
    Thank you for your insight.
  4. by   4boysmama

    where did you take the chemo/bio 2 day class?
  5. by   busybee04
    How long did you study for?
  6. by   Bev9173
    Where do u get the blue print for exam you mentioned? Where did you find practice tests? Did you study more content than questions?
  7. by   sporush
    I'm testing in a few days and did not purchase the extra ONCC questions. Do you think I should?