Yes or No to Brown Mackie's RN Program

  1. Seriously considering enrollment in Brown Mackie's (OKC) ADN program (April 2014), but I'm nervous. Their program is certainly expensive, but it is only about 2 years in length -no wait- and they seem to be regionally (although not NLNAC/ACEN) accredited. There are rumors they may start an "advance placement" LPN to RN bridge type program in July ish. (Haven't decided if I want to go that route even if they do)

    I am already an LPN (as of very recently), but am very anxious to get my RN. I am certain I will want go on to pursue my BSN. I have no pre req/gen ed credits to transfer.

    I moved to Oklahoma right after passing my boards in another state: and I am a bit behind in figuring out Oklahoma's nursing program options, and how each are perceived within the community.

    With minimum time until completion a heavily weighted factor for me, would any of you advise against enrollment with Brown Mackie? Being new here I am not confident about if or how my employment opportunities and continued education goals may be limited based on where I graduate. I checked into Platt's LPN to RN program as well as ITT Breckinridge's RN, but felt a bit sketchy about each of them. But, if anyone has anything to offer about either program, I would love to hear.
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    The OKC area has respected nursing programs such as:

    1. Rose State
    2. Oklahoma State (OKC Campus)
    3. University of Oklahoma
    4. Oklahoma City University
    5. Southern Nazarene University
    6. Langston University
    7. Oklahoma City Community College
    8. University of Central Oklahoma
    9. Oklahoma Baptist University
    10. Oklahoma Wesleyan University
    11. And many others. . .

    The private-for-profit schools such as Platt, ITT and Brown Mackie are viewed by the local medical community as laughing stocks.
  4. by   danir818
    I was wondering the same thing. My concern is clinicals. I was told they could be up to an hour away and you wouldn't know your clinical schedule until right before they start. When you have to work that is not good. Now that the first nursing class has graduated, I would love to hear from a graduate.
  5. by   meanmaryjean
    Not accredited? Run away!

    Seriously not worth the effort. If you wait a year or two- BUT come out of the program with a respected degree which can be transferred into a BSN program- you're miles ahead of the game despite the wait.