wanting info on rose state rn program

  1. I am going to apply for rn program that starts in jan 09, i was wondering how many points does it take to make it in, and what gpa usually makes it. also has anyone done this program or are in it now, would you recommend it. I am trying to decide where to go, or which will be likely to accept me first. Also i am looking at osu-okc, there are so many things to learn
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  3. by   ggspears
    My advise would apply everywhere that offers the ADN prog. That away you have plan A B C D covered. I wanted to go to OCCC but applied at all the prog. in the area just in case. But thank God I did make it into OCCC, but also had other choices lined.
  4. by   HitmanCFYA
    I missed with 132, got in next time with 136. High pass rates for NCLEX there. It's about the same as any other nursing school...they all seem dysfunctional.
  5. by   happilymarried
    I was just accepted into RSC with 133 points. I have a 3.9 GPA but really didn't get that many points for it. What does boost your points like crazy are the classes they prefer you have and the cumpass test. One nice thing about RSC is that they give you points for healthcare experience. I haven't worked in healthcare for a long time and they still used my experience. Also, if you live in MWC you get an extra 15 pts, I don't so I lost out on those points. One other thing, I called and asked them what the lowest amount of points were for the students that got in last year and she told me it was 126. No doubt, it is tough competition. I agree that you should apply to all the local schools to have a back up. I wish you the best of luck!!
  6. by   Ambitiouz
    I just got in osu-okc for Fall 08. The cutoff points is 76-78. I didn't havea really high gpa either. But they have high n-clex pass rates as well. They give points for gen-eds and science pre-reqs completed. They give preference points to those that take pre-reqs at osu-okc too. The spring semester isn't as competitive. Apply here too.
  7. by   jewls67
    Hello, so is the cutoff points to get in 76-78? I added my up and I have a total of 73 points.. I am wondering if that will maybe get me on the alternate list? I called the school, but they won't tell me... How is the program?

    Thanks Jewls67