University of Oklahoma Family Nurse Practitioner

  1. Hello,

    Does anyone know anything about the University of Oklahoma Family Nurse Practitioner program?

    Is it hard to get accepted?

    Is there anything extra that improves your chances of getting in? (Working at OU, CCRN cert.....)

    Is it flexible?

    I have been all over their website and just wanted to get some information from others who may have been accepted and gone or know somebody who has. I'm new to OK and I'm looking for a NP program.

    Any info will be appreciated

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  3. by   ornery2athome
    My brother just got accepted into OU's NP program. I'm not sure what they look at as far as qualifications, but he does have his BSN a good GPA and has several years experience as an RN. He was accepted along with 5 other people into the program and begins next week. It is very competetive as far as getting in. He will be able to work some on the side so, I think there may be some flexibility there. Good luck! I am still a pre-nursing student and hope to get into a RN program for spring 2011!
  4. by   mrmontgomery
    Am waiting to see whether or not I have admittance into the OU FNP program for July 2011. Would like to speak with someone who is currently in the program. Could you forward my request to your brother so that I might receive his contact info? Appreciate your time!

    Michelle Montgomery, RN, BSN, CNOR
  5. by   Mollysdream
    I've had 2 interviews with OU several years apart and neither went well. They seem to be a little hard during the interview process. This last time, I felt completely dismissed. The lady talked over me, ansewered a phone call, was fairly rude as if to say, don't call us & we won't call you either. It was awful OH Well, I'll mark that one up for experience & lesson learned.
  6. by   aharris30
    Anyone recently interview for their np program?
  7. by   happyheatherp
    I applied and went for an interview last week....patiently awaiting word!
  8. by   aharris30
    Yes. Very patiently
  9. by   sooner_RN71
    I also interviewed for OUCN's FNP program. Has anyone heard anything yet?
  10. by   aharris30
    Not yet.
  11. by   happyheatherp
    I received an acceptance email Tuesday, which says a letter will follow in the mail....Super Excited!!! Anyone else heard yet?
  12. by   COOPER3706
    Has anyone else heard from the ou fnp program?
  13. by   happyheatherp
    Was anyone else accepted to the OU PT FNP Tulsa campus?
  14. by   sooner_RN71
    I received notification of acceptance to the OKC campus for FT! Congrats everyone!!