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Are there any hospitals in OKC that are paying new grads above 18-19 base pay? I really dont think the cost of living in OK is all that low compared to other places that are paying higher. Am I missing something?... Read More

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    Quote from smanion
    Yes, look into outside areas... are you RN or LPN?
    I'm refering to RN starting pay. THe starting pay for RN is comparable to that of LPN in other areas.

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    That may be true, but you have to look at the cost of living in other areas too... But all in all... I wish you luck on your new career. Check out and see what you think... I hear they pay the best nursing pay in OKC. (as far as hospital pay!)
    Something else you can look into is . Indian health is always looking for nurses and they have a wide variety of careers available. They pay is reasonable and they have GREAT benefits! There are usually openings in OKC area. check it, its worth it!
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    BTW... $18-19 an hour is what I would expect to make as an LPN if I were to apply anywhere, so I do agree thats way to low for RN. BUt maybe thats just start and once you get going it goes up?? I dont know... but that is pretty ridiculous.
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    In 1997 I moved from TN to OK. I immediately took a 50% paycut. I had to start travel nursing just to support my 4 kids. I have just seen the last hit 18 and three have gone to college. I came home hoping to be able to stay and give up my travel shoes. I found that the pay scale is 50% higher than when I originally moved here, but that is still 25% lower than what I made in 1997. I hope that you do find something that you can survive on. Me I think I will go back on the road until I retire......maybe then I can afford to live in my own home.
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    I'm a single mom of 2, am an LPN and am able to make it just fine really. I own my own house, own my own car, pay all my bills... we may not have all the stuff we WANT but we have all that we NEED. Sure Id like to make more, but I dont want to move somewhere that I have to pay $1000 a month house payment either! I figure one of these days I will find a guy that I like and force him to marry me and with the 2 incomes we will be just fine
    I love living in Oklahoma
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    I not from the area-but just a sm amt of insight. My aunt is an RN in a smaller town in
    PA. has 20 yrs exp base pay 22.00-hospital. Any and I do mean any RN in MA. getting
    out of school would KILL for that wage to get into ANY hospital in New Engalnd right
    now. They are lucky if they get a 24 hr pos. in LTC. Cause you have to pay them a 1.00
    more an hr then a LPN. ( Let's not have a posting war on this point-in a LTC staff pos.
    they pretty much do the same jobs). I would never work for that type of money ANY place. But I live here. Since there are nursing jobs where you live don't be surprised
    after this post alot of new young grads don't flock there for the exp for a yr and then
    return home.
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    Quote from Ambitiouz
    I heard that OU and Oklahoma Heart Hospital start at $21, .
    OU starts new grads at $18.65/hr.....they are one of the worse paying as far as raises and stuff goes. I worked there for 2 years so I know first hand. I work for Saints now and we average about 3-4% raise a year just fyi. Saints pays $3/hr night shift diff and $3/hr weekend diff.....OU pays less than that.
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    Ive been an RN for a little over 2 years now. I started $18.65/hr base pay at OU in the ICU and now make $21/hr base pay plus I now get better shift diff/relief charge nurse pay/weekend pay on top of that. My take home pay is $1600 a paycheck with all that included and that is with insurance, taxes, etc taken out. I just wanted to share for all the new ppl out there wondering.

    The experienced nurses I work with make between $31-$35/hr base pay (they average about 5-10 years experience) and then they get shift diff/charge nurse diff/weekend/etc on top of that which ends up being $40-$45/hr. I think that is pretty decent pay for around here when the average income is around $40K a year I would imagine.

    My hourly wage total is $25/hr and $28/hr on weekends and I work 40 hours a week and Ive just been an RN for a little over 2 years like I mentioned before. I think my pay is pretty good, I live quite happily and support my family of 4 just husband is in school full time. We have a nice house, 2 new cars, go shopping every weekend, etc. I really cant complain....
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