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    Hey I was just curious.... I will graduate from school with my LVN in august and sit for my boards (Im in TEXAS by the way) I was wondering if i can or how i go about getting it transferred to the state of oklahoma.... Im dating a guy up there and wanting to move but once i get my texas nursing license i dont know how to get it transferred to another state like oklahoma or if it was even possible.... Please help me if you can! Any thoughts, comments or concerns would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    Oklahoma is not a compact state, so your Texas license isn't automatically recognized. It will need endorsing by Oklahoma. You need to contact the Oklahoma State Board of Nursing for your answer; they'll explain what to do.

    In the meantime - all I did was Google "Oklahoma board of nursing", went to their website, and found this:


    Easy stuff, took five minutes.
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    Where can i get a list of which states are compact states?
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    Google "nurse licensure compact".
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    Thank you so much for the help! You will never know how much i appreciate it!
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    My guess is it won't be that hard. I was surprised to find out Oklahoma wasn't a compact state.
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    You can also apply to the Oklahoma BON for your Oklahoma license instead of getting your Texas license, if you're sure that you are going to move here. You can even take the NCLEX in Texas for your Oklahoma boards, if that makes sense.
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    info on compact states at www.ncsbn.org

    Natl Council on the State Boards of Nursing or something like that
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    yes they wont compact (prob the money lost ) when I lived in Ark I had to carry Mo and Ok since both wernt compact. MO finally ratified their compact agreement
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    My original license was in Oklahoma. My experience has been that the people at the BON are very easy to deal with and very helpful. .

    The fee for a license by endorsement is $85 for an LPN - same as the cost for an initial license (they've gone up a bit since I got mine).

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