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Start TCC prereqs tomorrow!!

  1. 0 Hey everyone! I'm so excited I start my prereqs tomorrow at TCC. Anyone else going to TCC? Was hoping someone could let me know what to expect once you get to the nursing program.
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    Hey there! I go to TCC - Im in the nursing program. What info are you looking for? I go to SE campus and can tell you the good instructors to take. I chose to take the good instructors over the easy ones knowing that it would help me in nursing school - and it has.
    I wasnt real happy with my Physiology teacher so you may want to ask around. Good luck to you!!
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    What pre-reqs are you taking? Im going into level 2 of TCC's nursing program, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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    Right now im taking beginners math and intro to psycology. In the fall i'll be taking biology for majors, beg algebra, history and psycology. Is it right that you have to take CNA class at some point before you apply to nursing program? When do you find time to take it or the equivelant class that takes a week? sorry for all the questions, advisors haven't been helpfull.
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    Yes, it is true you have to have your CNA completed by the time you enter the nursing program. I actually took my CNA course at Interim healthcare in Tulsa. It was a 4 week class and I went in the evenings mon-thurs 6:00 to 10:00. I know there are others in the area that are much shorter and I have heard good things about them. I recommend Interim though, I feel like they really prepared me. And Good luck in your classes this summer!
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    I am starting my prereqs at TCC SE in fall. I am also going for nursing... I am taking bio for majors, comp 2, intro to psy, and begining algebra, so if you wanna get together and study, just let me know... I am super excited, but also super scared cause I am 25 and have been out of school for a while.
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    I took all my prereq's @ TCC and I'm starting the BSN program @ OU-Tulsa in the fall.

    I also got my CNA from Interim and thought it was a really good experience. I know some people who went to other shorter classes but I felt completely prepared for the CNA certification test.
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    What if you have a Texas CNA and deciding to go to college in OK? Would they require you to re-take the CNA course in OK?