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Out of country and RN license will expire in July 2010

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    I am out of the country with my husband. My license will expire in July 2010. I was wondering if I could just wait another year to renew my license. How difficult it is to renew the license after a gap in ACTIVE status ?

    Any input or suggestion is highly appreciated.

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    So, you cannot renew your license online when you are out of the country? I've done all my renewals online. If you do decide to wait until next year, be prepared to pay extra money to get your license.
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    I would not "gap" your license. What happens if a relicensure change is implemented by your BON? Hypothetically it could cost you several hundred dollars to renew because of added education requirements that you would not otherwise need to spend because you are holding a current license.
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    Thanks for the input. I will try to renew it online and let you know the result.
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    How do you get your mail? If not able to do the renewal online, just have your mail forwarded to you as usual, and make certain you send everything back as soon as you receive it. They usually give you enough turn around time so that this could be done even with the forwarding time added in. When I was overseas, my Dad forwarded all my mail to me and I managed to keep up with most everything.

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