OU Traditional BSN Fall 2013 - page 4

Does anyone know anything about when acceptance letters will be mailed. Getting a little anxious and have been stalking the mailman for a month!... Read More

  1. by   addiewaad
    Hey guys! I just found out what alternate number I am. But I am curious if after sending in my final transcript if it will change what number I am. Do you guys have any idea?
  2. by   KoKo2356
    Laura_mo, did you email someone to find out your #, or did you call? I'm eager to find out where I stand. On your question, from what I understand, your place will change when your final transcripts get turned in. Hopefully for the better.
  3. by   addiewaad
    I emailed one of the nursing advisors, she told me and I didn't even directly ask what number I was haha, which is nice because I was curious too. Do you know that for sure about my place changing? I'm worried that my final transcript might move me down a little, not much because my overall GPA and everything is basically the same, its just one certain class that I didn't do as well as I had thought. Did someone from OU tell you that the spot your in may change?
  4. by   nessac
    Hi, I got accepted into the lawton campus (I put it down as my first choice) but now I wish I would have put okc. Is there any way we can change campuses? just wondering. thank you!
  5. by   clbrown84
    Did anyone who was an alternate get the call?!?!?! I'm an alternate for 2014, and I'm curious about my chances?
  6. by   addiewaad
    clbrown84, yes I was an alternate for all 3 campuses. I ended up getting accepted into the Lawton campus, but decided to attend a different nursing school!