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OU Traditional BSN Fall 2013


Does anyone know anything about when acceptance letters will be mailed. Getting a little anxious and have been stalking the mailman for a month!

I'd call ***** at the College of Nursing of you haven't heard anything by end of April.

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I have been waiting anxiously too. Did you end up calling? From what I've read, it's always late April around the 27th or so.

I checked my application status just now and the only application left on there is Lawton, my first choice campus. Hopefully that's a good sign!!

Sounds like good news to me!! Hopefully the letters will mail out soon!

Ok, so I have dissected quite a few threads from here about acceptance letters and from what I'm gathering, if any of the programs that you applied to have dropped and only your first choice is left, you're accepted. If they are all gone, you didn't get in, and that if they are all still there, then you're an alternate. We'll see. My mail comes late, so I'll be nervous wreck waiting for any news!

You guys are right that's how my app status was. I had applied OKC, occc, Tulsa and before I got my letter I checked and only OKC was left. Works the same for the PA program. Y'all should know soon

Mine hasn't changed yet. Hopefully they are still in the process of updating everyone's application statuses!

Nothing came in my mail today. BOO! I also got an email yesterday from someone at financial aid saying they sent me some verification documents and forgot to include one. They need me to go online and print it out. Vlmassey, what campus are you trying to get?

I applied to the OKC campus! I'll update if anything changes. Good luck dsevier!!

Yes, good luck dsevier! You've got this. :) Yes, it's Jen R. Now we need a WOSC thread. lol

secretagent~How long after your application status changed did you get your letter? My mail comes late and it drives me nuts... waiting all day, then nothing! grrrr

It was like a week but I also dnt know when it changed online exactly. If I remember right I hadn't look at it in awhile then I did, about a week later I got the letter. Lol I also had gotten a call a month before saying I got in early admission and then they said it was a mistake haha

Not cool! I would've been so ticked! I'm sure you were. Nothing from the mailman but junk today. Waiting is stressing me out...big time

You'll hear soon! I remembered hating the waiting game

Ok, I broke down and emailed someone earlier. Letters go out tomorrow! And she did confirm about the other programs coming off the application means you're accepted into the program that is left! RELIEF!!

Has everyone's main application page changed? I would assume they all have because desevier said letters are being mailed today. Mine hasn't changed so I assume I'm an alternate. I guess thats better than denied. Does anyone know exactly how the school preference works? Like, I put OKC as my #1 choice, but would def be willing to go to lawton. Do they place everyone in their #1 choice and if thats full the rest on an alternate list? Or do they place the ones that didn't get into their #1 into their #2 if available? I hope I'm making sense... lol

I had a friend who preferences OKC first but had Lawton on there she got like 2 letters one wait listing her to OKC and another acceptance to Lawton. Idk if that helps