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Does anyone know anything about when acceptance letters will be mailed. Getting a little anxious and have been stalking the mailman for a month!... Read More

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    Congrats KoKo and dsevier. So exciting!! I just got home and no letter. I'm in Tulsa though so I'm hoping I'll get something Monday...

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    I got my letter today and was accepted to Tulsa!!
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    hey guys! I'm an alternate for all 3 campuses and was wondering what info any of you had on alternate status? i believe it may be because I am currently taking a pre-req, but not sure. Is it a good thing I'm alternate for all 3? do you know how many alternates they select? thanks!
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    I was selected as an alternate to the OKC accelerated program and got a call a couple weeks after I received the alternate letter saying there was a spot open. I was told I was #8 so you might e-mail and see if they will tell you! Hope things go in your favor! I saw on another thread that someone got called just this week getting a spot for the accelerated program that starts in June so it's definitely possible!
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    Thank you!! I was wanting to email and ask about where I stand but I was kinda hesitant to because it states that "we do not rank alternates numerically" in the FAQ sheet. Did it say that in your letter? Maybe it is different for the traditional program.. not sure, but I am definitely hoping that a spot opens up for me, glad that one opened up for you!
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    Yeah it said that in mine too. I didn't ask what number I was the lady just told me when I e-mailed asking about something else. I didn't think they would tell so I didn't bother asking but she did!
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    Cool, thank you!! Good luck in the accelerated program!
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    Do any of you know what the class schedule is like for Lawton? I've seen sample master schedules, but for OKC only.
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    Hey guys! I just found out what alternate number I am. But I am curious if after sending in my final transcript if it will change what number I am. Do you guys have any idea?

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