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I was wondering if anyone here has done the OU LPN to BSN program. I have applied for this fall but won't know if I'm in until July! Just curious if anyone else has done the program...... Read More

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    It's my understanding that all LPNs have to take the tests regardless of school accreditation.
    Where are you going to school Matt?

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    I am in the LPN Progam at Pioneer Tech in Ponca City. I forgot the the NLN is also referred to as the NCLEX. DOH! I just started about a month ago and really liking it.
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    Actually the NLN's and NCLEX are two separate tests. The NCLEX is the national licensure exam. There are two NLN Mobility tests called ACE exams. ACE I is intended for those LPN's who are entering an ADN program. The ACE II exams are for those RN's or LPN's entering a BSN program. Each college determines who (if any) has to take these exams as well as the passing scores they will accept. OU does require all LPN's take the NLN ACE II exams regardless of whether their LPN school was NLN accredited or not.

    I really think that the NLN's were a little easier than the NCLEX but it was sometime ago that I actually took the NCLEX so maybe not.

    I will keep you all posted...I am still waiting....
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    So have you heard anything yet? Goodluck and I'm praying for yoU!
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    i did the rn to bsn from ou last year, there was an lpn in the class and she did well, completed and i think passed her boards.
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    I had wondered if the LPN-BSN and RN-BSN programs were held together because they take the same length of time. Did you think it was a hard program? Most of it is online isn't it? With classes only on Saturdays? I'm still trying to decide whether to do a LPN-BSN program which would require me to work a year before starting or doing LPN-RN which would increase my pay rate a whole year sooner.
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    The NLN exams have nothing to do with accredidation..... they are advance placement exams that are your ticket to 30 cr. hrs of credit towards your BSN.
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    Not quite sure I understand.. Does that mean if I take the NLN tests and pass then does it waive some of the gen ed courses or what? What exactly does "advanced standing" mean and you get 30 credit hours of what? Maybe I'm just super slow today...
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    Check Out The Links To The Free Chancellors Study Guide For The Ace 2 Exams At The Osu Website Under Admission Requirements.the Tests Are Not Lpn Curriculum,they Are What A New Rn Is Supposed To Know.
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    Any one out there currently in the LPN to BSN program in OU? I would love to find out a little more about the program.How intensive is it?
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