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  1. I am looking into the AAS program at OSU-OKC and am hoping to be able to apply for Fall 2012. I am a little worried though that I don't even have a prayer. I am transferring in with 80 college hours, but most of them are not applicable (mostly art related courses...). I think I have 12 credit hours of stuff that matches the requirements for the degree: Comp 1, Comp 2, Sociology, and American Government. I do, however, have a 3.9 something gpa with all of the classes I have taken, so that is the one good thing I have going for me. My question is, if I take classes in the Spring semester, will those go towards the points on my application or not? My fear is no, they won't, in which case it is HIGHLY doubtful I would even be a viable candidate. I have never had A&P or micro or anything (though I did have - and do well in - high school chemistry). I generally do very well in the sciences, so I'm not worried about getting good grades, I am just curious as to how the point system works for classes you take in the semester you apply. I also am a little worried about taking the HESI A2 test not having had any of those classes. Even if I aced it (by some miracle), I think I'd only have 72 points if they do not count the classes I will be taking this spring. Input, please?
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  3. by   Ciale
    My admitting class' cutoff was 91 points I believe. You need to get all your science classes out of the way (maybe all but one) before you apply. I'm telling you, it's a quick program and it's too much to take the nursing courses with a science. I don't think there's a person that would tell you any differently. Anatomy and Phsysiology are two separate classes at OSUOKC...(thank goodness). Talk to the nursing advisor, ****** (?), she'll lay out a plan for you.
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  4. by   Angsturdy
    Meltedsnickers, the way I understand it, if you are currently taking a class (such as anatomy) and apply for the nursing program, you wont get points for a class you are currently taking, only points for classes that are finished and on your transcript. I would definitely take all your classes to get maximum points before you apply. You will get a large number of pts for your gpa with it being so high and once you start taking your sciences you will get pts for those. I would also wait until you have taken your sciences to take the HESI. I would have been completely lost if I had taken it without the science classes. Hope this helps you. Like Ciale said, go in and talk to ****. She can help you figure out where you are and what you need.
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  5. by   meltedsnickers
    I will try to find an email for her. I am out of state and not living in Oklahoma yet (until January) so hopefully she'll respond back. Is the HESI pretty difficult? What all is on it? Which study guide is the best?

  6. by   Ciale
    The HESI has basic chemistry, basic math, a&p, and reading comprehension/english (there's no grammar). They sell study guides for it but I didn't use one or study and did fine but only because I had just recently taken all those subjects in school.
  7. by   Angsturdy
    Meltedsnickers, I used the HESI Evolve study guide. You can order it online or buy it in the bookstore on the OSUOKC campus. The study guide is not the greatest but I wouldn't go in blind. I would use the study guide but just know you may need other supplemental books to help you study such as old Anatomy or physiology books. The HESI is not hard but you do need to study. I studied for about 7 weeks for it. I made an 82, although I should have done better, the anatomy and physiology sections were the hardest (for me) and from research I did about the study guide: the evolve study guide is the only study guide for the HESI and it's quite difficult to study for the science sections because there's so much info that can be tested. I don't mean to scare you at all about it. I would do some research to see what all you can find about it. Much luck to you!
  8. by   LahLO
    I was wondering the same question. I am wanting to apply to the program for the '12 Fall. I didn't have the greatest grades in my science courses..but at least I passed. I need to retake nutrition which I know you need a minimum of a C. I was wanting to know what the lowest points were to be considered. I want to know if I even have a chance, cause I know there are so many people applying each period.
  9. by   Go Pokes 12/14
    Does anyone have any idea what the cutoff might be for Spring 2013 at OSU-OKC?
  10. by   RNstudent13renee
    Last application period the cutoff was 82.
  11. by   Go Pokes 12/14
    Awesome! I have 82 so I'm crossing my fingers... Thanks for the info!
  12. by   timeby50
    I was told that the Spring applications typically have a higher cut off than the Fall applications. Spring 2012 cutoff was 90. I only have 88, so I sure hope it's more in line with the 82 just posted!
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  13. by   Go Pokes 12/14
    I've heard that too which makes me cringe. Didn't the point system change this year? I'd heard they'd eliminated some category which lowered the total possible points from 126 to 115 which I would think would drop the cutoff by 10-11 points.
  14. by   Go Pokes 12/14
    I got in! Cutoff was 82. Congrats timeby50! See you in January!

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