OKC Metro LPN Programs 2014-2015- Moore/Norman, Metro Tech, Mid America, Mid-Del LPN

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    Hi guys! So I am wanting any input anyone has to offer on the LPN programs at: Moore/Norman, Metro Tech, Mid-Del Technology Center, and Mid America Technology Center. I am going to be applying to these programs this Spring and was hoping to gain some insight.

    I don't have the itemized list of preference points for Mid-Del or Mid America because their applications have not yet come out. But, at Moore/Norman its looking like I'll have 18 out of 33 preference points and at Metro Tech I'll have 53 out of 65 preference points.

    Does anyone know if there is a "cut off" of minimum a preference points? Or is there anyone who has gotten into/denied from one of these programs recently and wish to share how many points they had? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Metro tech doesn't really have a "cut off" per say.. they just take the top 24 applicants. Their program is really good. I don't remember how many points I had when I applied sorry! But it is a really great program, The day PN class had a 100% pass rate last year!
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    Oh, I see! Thanks for the info on the acceptance at Metro Tech You say they take the top 24, do you know how many usually apply? So are you a student at metro tech, or a past student? A 100% pass rate is really impressive! I'm getting my CNA through Moore Norman Flex Track right now and I like it so far. My first choice LPN program is Moore Norman because its a block away from my house but I want to apply to a few programs because I know how competitive acceptance is for these nursing programs. Thanks for taking a moment to help a newbie out
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    I previously attended Metro Tech. I'm not quite sure how many students applied. Get a part-time CNA job while you are in nursing school so when you finish you can have a guaranteed job. Don't try to work FT.. Its really hard! I have a coworker that went to Moore Norman. She really liked it! Good luck!
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    Cool, thanks again for all your help! I appreciate it
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    Hi so I was wondering did you apply to metro tech and did you get accepted to metro tech LPN program?
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    I have been meaning to leave a comment, but I have been so busy. I am currently a student in the PN program at Metro-Tech. I got in with 56 points. It was very competitive. Everyone in my class except for one, has all their college science courses including chemistry. A few have even already completed microbiology.
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    I started the LPN program at Platt in the beginning of Feb. We are just starting clinical rotations. I'm disappointed I didn't have the opportunity to go to a vo-tech program like Metro Tech of Moore/Norman but I'm happy I was able to start sooner and go to school so close to home. Good luck with your program Laidback87!
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    Thank you for the luck. That is awesome that you got to start your program! When do you graduate? Do you like it? Best of luck to you, too!
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    Thanks! I graduate Feb 2015 I am enjoying getting to learn about all the many facets of nursing! My school has its problems but it has it's advantages as well. I'm pleased with my performance in the program, I have all A's and am in the top of my class. What about you? How's Metro Tech??

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