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I have been checking this board consistently over the past couple of weeks hoping that someone would have started a thread for this spring's admission, but haven't found one yet! Are we slacking, or am I the only one here?! ... Read More

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    Thanks for the information. I have been trying to stay focused on work, but I have so many other plans going that kind of depend on an answer. I'm predicting we will find out the first week of October

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    I am going a little crazy waiting for confirmation that I am going to get into the program. I know they said 5-6 weeks, but that doesn't stop me from checking my email every couple hours.
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    Hey all! I just called up to admissions to check and see if they do in fact send out an email confirming the number of points you have. He said that they are not doing that anymore and that it is going to be another 3 weeks before they send out acceptance letters! He said that they had almost 200 applications so it is taking a while to go through each one and check points. I am going nuts over here....I have learned that having patience is hard for grownups too
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    Wow! 200 applicants, that is even more stressful. I wish I would have applied with 20 points so I would feel more confident. Someone with 16 points and a 3.5 got into the fall, she was an alternate. Of course that doesn't mean anything. 3 weeks sounds like forever!
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    Tell me about it! I wish they would let us know our official point totals! I am pretty sure that I had 19, but I had a B that was not yet factored into my cumulative GPA. This is driving me nuts!! Three more weeks...how in the world am I going to survive that!
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    I wish more people would post on here, it would give me something to do and show me there aren't just 4-5 of us stressing out Is anyone going ahead and getting immunizations? CPR certification lasts 2 years, so people could go ahead and start that process. MNT has a good Saturday class. You receive your certification that day. Does anyone know the hours for class? I know it is in the afternoon, but not sure what time or days.
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    I really need to get started on all of that stuff! I know I've had most of my immunizations, but I have no idea where to find records of them! It's awful, I know! I also need to look into the CPR class. If I get a chance I will post any information I find on them though.
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    Hello All!! I am glad to see more posts in here! Its been 2 weeks and the thought of 3 more weeks (at least is killing me)!! @MeganOKC, you could try the Health Department. From my understanding, a lot of records are now digital and are recorded (and converted) to a digital record that can be accessed by everyone. Also, I think its free to obtain your shot record. I work for the State so I will try to get mine and if I have any problems I will let you know! @Lizanne23...I saw that OKCCC has a CPR class on Saturdays as well. I believe the cost is $65 and the bookstore told me the book is approx. $18. However, the bookstore told me that I really dont need the book and most return it!

    200 Applicants....man...I dont know how to feel. I have 18 points, but I wonder if the larger pool of applicants will make for an increase in the point cutoff. Any ideas?
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    I did the CNA program at Moore Norman Technology, so I verified or got most of my shots at that time. I know OCCC has a CPR class as well, and I'm not sure what the difference is. The one at MNT was not as expensive and we didn't need to purchase a book. I am sure they are similar. I applied with 17 points. If I don't get in for the spring then I will have 20 points for the fall. I don't really want to think about that but I guess it's a backup plan. I will take my math placement and I will have my associates in December, that will give me 3 additional points. Hopefully the cut off will be similar to what it has been in the past.

    I don't know how many have been applying each semester? It may be the same each time, it's just that 200 sounds like a lot. I know of several people applying with 14, 15, and 16 points. Too bad we couldn't all get in.
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    I guess I need to get moving on my CPR cert. As far as the immunizations, is it just a matter of making sure we are current on them? I will need to get my record out and check.

    @lizanne23..From what I understand, there is an average of 200-300 that apply each semester. Claire did say that more tend to apply in the fall than in the spring. But I agree, 200 does sound like a lot! I can't imagine you not getting in with 17 points...I would be really shocked! I agree....I just wish they would take everyone that applied!

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