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Just turned in my application...now for the waiting:confused: I only had 17pts, was wondering what everyone else had?... Read More

  1. by   KatherineC
    Leslye I feel the #1 and 2 alternates have a really good chance. 3 might be a bit much, but it sucks because we will go through the motions (immunizations, cpr) and we will be in limbo for who knows how long!

    I'm going to call and make sure they have my cell phone and my husbands cell phone. Just in case. It's nice to know there is someone out there who feels the way I do! I didn't put my application in anywhere else because my heart is just at OCCC, I love the professors and the students. You keep your head up and I'll do the same.
  2. by   Leslye3404
    From what I have read stalking through other semesters it seems like the first 5 alternates have a really good chance and have gotten in alot! So I'm hoping we are just as lucky!I'm going to call bright and early tommorow to give my cell number too. And see what they say about our chances!!!!!!!I applied to rose state but I have taken all my classes at occc and rose state is my back up plan.I hope I will be seeing you and the rest of the girls in the program!!!
  3. by   brit57
    Congrats to all who got in! this was my 2nd time applying, and I got alternate #15. #2 & #3 you guys have a great chance at getting in! Im going to go ahead and get all of my immunizations, and CPR and be ready just in case by some luck of the draw that I get a phone call in December or January. It was a total let down not getting in this time, and Ive spent the last 2 days stewing... I know, its not good lol. But, Im going to keep trying. Plan on taking a CNA course, to add 1 point to my preference points and continue to bring my GPA up. Gonna call and see if I can find out what the cut off was last fall, so I have an idea. I had 16 points and a 2.62 GPA both last fall and this time around. Good luck to everyone who got in! maybe the alternates can keep us all updated as they get called, so we kind of know whats going on, and if we have a chance!
  4. by   Leslye3404
    I will definently keep you posted on what I hear for us alternates. I have already started my immunizations and stuff. I did my CPR last year at occc I highly recommend it. Im almost positive it last for 2 years. I have been trying to stay positive but waiting stresses me out! I think that the fall cut off is always higher than spring. I have heard moore Norman tech is good for the CNA class. Good luck to you!!!!
  5. by   KatherineC
    I spoke with***** today (I may not have spelled her name right) she was very encouraging about my chances of getting in, which will include alt #1 and #2! She made me feel very optimistic. Also to the girl who is alt #15, did you hear about this new program 1 and 1? If you were a high ranking alternate OCCC is working in collaboration with Moore Normans LPN program, if you enter the LPN program at Moore Norman, then the next Spring Traditional Pathway applications you are guaranteed to get in! I think thats a great deal if you are wanting to get started on something! I feel so much better about my chances as alt #3. Keeping my fingers crossed and preparing for the best!
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  6. by   Leslye3404
    I emailed admissions today and asked what he thought my chances were and if I should do all my immunizations and he replied and said he thought my chances were very very high and to do the immunizations... Yes he put two verys ..which makes me feel very optomistic as well.. Soo I am going to stay positive too! I think we have a huge chance Katherine!
  7. by   Anicely

    I am the one that got in with Shelly in your Anatomy class. I know you will get in!!! I was wanting to start studying Anatomy with you and Shelly so we can get to know each other before nursing starts if you girls don't mind. I know we work in groups a lot and if we start now it would make it a little easier when we are overwelmed.

  8. by   KatherineC
    Oh yeah Andrea! Yes lets do that! Shelly and I study together once a week. Usually the night before the lab/lecture exam. Make sure to get our cells next tuesday in class. Thanks for the encouragement, it's nice! lol.
  9. by   Leslye3404
    I talked the nursing advisor and she said that we should not get our second tb test until the end of November. Do any of you know when we are supposed to do it? I'm trying to get everything done even though I'm an alternate so I will be ready.
  10. by   liviah15
    Really? I got my first one done and was going back to get my second TB test Tuesday... It didn't say we had to wait until the last week of Nov. but to answer your question we have to have everything turned in on Nov 30 ( including background check, immunization, insurance payment, and CPR certification,
  11. by   Leslye3404
    Thank you! I called again today and the nursing division said that they want the last tb test done no more than 3 months before the program starts and that is prob why she said the end of November. So i think you getting it tuesday is fine. They just want it to last the whole year.sorry for confusing you. Idk it sucks being an alternate and not knowing for sure on anything.
  12. by   liviah15
    I bet, you must be going crazy but your going to get it they always have alternates. Have they told you when they start calling alternates?
  13. by   Leslye3404
    I am going crazy! No I haven't asked when they start calling alternates, I hope soon. I really do not want to wait all the way until December. Did you start your hep B shots yet? Do you know how long it takes to get the background check done?

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