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Has anyone recieved the confirmation letter yet? I'm a little anxious.... Read More

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    I'm not taking anything this summer !
    I've taken all my support classes; nothing but nursing processes left.
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    Is anyone going to the 1+1 on Thurs? I was alternate #32, GPA 3.1 with 16 pp(needed 1ques to pass the Math test to have 18), and was invited to this program but I'm still secretly hoping i can get in the actual RN program, anybody have any idea what my possible chances are Any info's greatly appreciated!
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    Congrats to all that made it I know Im a little late on this thread but Im new to AN. I was accepted to the program as well. Cant wait to see everyone at orientation!

    My friend was just accepted to the 1+1 program and from what she said is that she will be doing 1 year at MooreNorman Tech and then she will be able to trasfer into our program during our 3rd semester for the last year of Nursing School. Hope that gives you a little insight.
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    Holy Crap I can't believe with all the time I spend on AN, I totally missed this thread.. shame on me!! Well, anyway.. congrats to all of you that made it into the program! I am looking forward to embarking on this journey with everyone!
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    Congrats to everyone starting the program! Where/when are clinicals? I'm wondering if a car is necessary

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