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Hello all! Just wanted to post and say hello. I'm a new pre-nursing student (started this spring). Here's a little about myself... I'm a 38yr old married father of 3 boys (OMG....shhhhhh, don't... Read More

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    Yes, I'm scheduled to re-take DosCalc in the spring along with Pathophysiology. After the spring semester, I will have completed ALL classes (required and elective) that I can take without actually being ACCEPTED to the program. So...once I get in, I can focus solely on the nursing core classes to finish. Let's hope I get into the fall program....

    Good luck to you!

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    In reply to posts a while back....about RN school and sitting for LPN must complete your first 3 semesters of RN school before challening the LPN exam. HTH.
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    At RSU you can take the NCLEX-LPN after the first year (2 semesers).
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    Is it a 4 semester program? I go to OCCC and was told you can't challenge until after 3rd semester...which I thought was...odd, but thats what they said.
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    Yep. A 4 semester program.
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    #31 0 would think that would be up to the BON not individual schools.
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    It actually depends on the material that's covered and in what semesters it is covered. So RSU made it so their students could take the exam if they wanted to.