moving to Oklahoma City, where are the best ICU postions

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    I am moving to Oklahoma City, I am an ICU RN (CCRN). Any suggestions on hospitals to apply to?
    Thanks Jen

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    OUMC has a busy ICU especially since its the only Level 1 trauma center in the area!
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    Are you interested in med/surg/general ICU or a specialty unit?
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    Good Afternoon,
    I am intrested in a gerneral/surgical ICU
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    OUMC the best .Stay away from BMC Veryyyyyy clickish there.

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    Quote from TuTonka
    OUMC the best .Stay away from BMC Veryyyyyy clickish there.


    That is true about Baptist. However, I did get some very valuable experience there. And the various specialties they have there make it a good place to start, but I wouldn't plan on making a career there.

    To the OP, here's my 0.02 to help you out a little:

    Trauma ICU = OUMC (obviously)

    General/Surgical = Consider Baptist. Look at Southwest Med Center. I've never worked down there so I don't know what the environment is like.

    CCU = Oklahoma Heart Hospital

    Just my opinions, hope you find something you like here in OKC.
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    I worked in ICU at OUMedCenter and I liked it overall, for awhile. I found something else in a year though. I got to see and take care of some pretty interesting patients being that they are a level 1 trauma center--but I have seen the administration there f**K over RN's. But a lot of people HATE OUMedCenter, they don't treat their nurses very well. But then again, I think all hospitals have their problems.

    I've heard good and bad about every hospital in Oklahoma.....well actually, I've only heard good things about the Heart Hospital up by Mercy. If you like hearts check out the Heart Hospital!
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    Hmmmm I think I would take SWMC over BMC any day, any hour, any minute, or any second of the day. However there are people that love BMC. I have heard that Mercy's Heart Hospital is very good, their benefits are the best in the city and they start the first day you start work there or they did . You are right though there good and bad at every Hospital there it. All boils down to what you are looking for.

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