Langston University Tulsa - Spring 2014 anyone starting?

  1. 0 Hi all,
    I am new to this website and need some help. I just got an acceptance letter from Langston university for spring 2014 though I applied for Fall 2013. I am wondering anyone is in the same boat and going to Langston for nursing program spring 2014 . Please let me know.
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    That's pretty common! Langston is competitive. When fall fills up they "over flow" the the others into spring. Good luck Langston is definitely an adventure that takes a lot of dedication to get through!
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    I will be starting the nursing program in the Spring as well, but I applied for spring. I've never applied for the fall. This is my second time applying for and geting into the program for spring. The first time I went through all of the steps, the CNA, the CPR, the background checks, the November meeting, registered for classes, but wasn't able to start due to job issues (I was going part-time) so I had to reapply.
    I do hear this program is a booger bear though.
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    Ash2012, do you care to elaborate on the "adventure?" I've heard its no joke. Tenacity is another word that I've heard in reference to this program.
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    I would assume all nursing schools are very similar since there is certain curriculum you have to take in order to take the NCLEX The teachers at Langston don't play around. This is why we have a 100% pass rate. You will hear any of us Langstonites complain midway through the semester - it's hard work and you barely have time to sleep! But it pays off in the end! Nursing school isn't easy and it shouldn't be. You only have 2 short years of nursing school and then its just you with someone's life in your hands...

    With all of that being said anyone that wants to be a nurse bad enough will pass Langston with no problem!
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    I got my letter from Langston also. I am accepted for the Spring semester of 2014, but am an alternate for the Fall. If I don't get in for the Fall Semester, I will definitely be there in the Spring!
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    Does anybody get a call from Langston to enroll Fall Semester? I got accepted for the spring semester of 2014 ( I am also alternately for the Fall).
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    I will be starting in the Spring 2014 also. I've been an LPN for 11years so I'm assumeing that I won't have to take a CNA course, right? Has anyone started the drug screen and physical process yet? Just wondering if I should have all the requirements completed by now. Is everyone from the Tulsa area? I just moved to Glenpool.
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    yani108, I would hope you could bypass the CNA requirement. I had my physical today and am working on getting my immunizations up to date. I have also signed up for and paid for the drug screen and background checks. I don't think you are behind, just have it done before the November meeting. I'm just overzealous and ready to start school. Lol! And I live in Tulsa.
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    Hi Jaykalkyn,

    I am also going for spring 2014 and live in Tulsa. I am so happy that you also lives in Tulsa. I finished my physical and background checks. We will meet on November meeting.
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    I was wondering what everyones gpa was to get in to langston? I have to finish 3 more classes to get into nursing school. I was wondering if I can still get in for spring even though I'm finishing my pre reqs right now.

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