1. 0 Signed up for it but hubby made to much in 2009 so now I can't get into the Votech now. Ugh! What else can I do?
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    You should still be able to qualify for student loans even if you don't qualify for federal aid.
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    Did you mean he made to much in 2010? The fafsa only goes on the prior years income. Also are you saying you cant enroll because you cant afford it or the school will not let you enroll because you do not qualify for grants? I assume your saying you cant afford it but as someone has already mentioned you can still get student loans.
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    Yes I can't afford it but I am trying other things. But no I haven't done my taxes on 2010 yet. But for 2009 it was to much.
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    You can still obtain low-interest student loans guaranteed by the government, regardless of income. Stafford subsidized and unsubsidized student loans are neither income-based nor credit-based, so basically anyone can obtain them.
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    Ok thanks TheCommuter
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    Ok I finally did this years FAFSA and its looking much better
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    Just wanted to say I made it into Redlands Community College for the RN program..but I am starting my Pre-requisites May 31st...so excited!

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