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    So, my school is super slow and just sent out our transcripts to the board of nursing on Friday (Jan. 8). Does anyone remember how long it took from the time they sent their transcripts until they got their ATT. I'm moving to OK from Georgia, and all my friends from school just got theirs today and were able to schedule their NCLEX. I'm getting impatient!

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    Last I knew, it is the boards policy to review the transcripts and send the ok to Parsons within two weeks. Then ATT from Parsons within a day or two.
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    Thanks Scubadude!! Do you know if they send the ATT by snail mail or email?
    Thanks again!
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    Pearsonvue will send ATT as far as I am aware by both routes. Make sure you check your junk folder once you have registered with them
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    I received my ATT via Email, I believe it was about three weeks after transcripts were mailed.
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