Any one else waiting to be accepted to a nursing program starting fall 2010? Any one else waiting to be accepted to a nursing program starting fall 2010? | allnurses

Any one else waiting to be accepted to a nursing program starting fall 2010?

  1. 0 I'm waiting to hear from OU I haven't received anything yet and its the 16th, on their website its says we should know by the 15th. Its driving me nuts I just want to know what school Im gonna attend in the fall. I am also waiting to hear from RSU, OSU Okmulgee, and Langston. Anyone else waiting to here back from these schools? or anyone know when I should here from these schools?
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    I am waiting to hear back from OSU Okmulgee, I was too late to apply to other schools for the fall so If I don't get in then I have to try for spring programs. I was told that OSU-IT may have a spring program as well and they had well over 100 apps and they are only accepting 30! The waiting is killing me too! May 1st is when they said we should hear something!
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    Dont start stressing yet. I am in the accelerated BSN program at OU, and we were supposed to find out by December 09 whether we got accepted for the Summer 09 program. No one heard til February or March because of the massive amt of apps. They should let you know something soon though. Good luck!
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    I have 2 friends in your position. One heard back from Langston over a month ago (acceptance), the other hasn't heard anything yet (odd, huh?). As of Monday, neither of them had heard from OU. I'll ask them again in class tomorrow. Good luck!
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    I'm waiting on OU-Tulsa as well. I received an email that letters had been delayed. Should know any day though, as they were supposed to be mailed by the 20th of April.

    I did get my acceptance letter for TCC, so at least I have a spot, but of course, I'd rather go to OU!

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    i got my acceptance letter on saturday from ou
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    Oh congratulations Sammiesmom!! I'm so jealous. I was declined.

    I'm happy for you though!

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    thanks! dont worry gustergirl there is always next year and there are tons of other schools
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    Guster, you should be proud of yourself. Nursing programs are hard to get into anywhere. I'm sure you'll rock TCC's program. Congrats!
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    Anyone got accepted at ORU for Fall 2010? I will be relocating from texas to join the program. Any moving ideas? Totally new place for me. Any feed back would be great help. thank you all.
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    I got accepted to OSU- Okmulgee.
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    Congrats I was accepted to University of Tulsa for the Junior year. I went to ORU nursing program last year but decided to change to University of Tulsa to continue my nursing career. If you applied to ORU the acceptance is a lot easier as they accept a lot of people and do not really have a seperate application for the nursing program unlike other schools so those who applied there you basically got in. Hope that helps
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    ProudArmyWife, I got accepted to OSU Okmulgee too! I can't wait to start in August!