any nursing schools honor academic forgiveness???

  1. Hello, a while back I was in a very bad car accident and ended up getting academic forgiveness for that semester. I spoke with OU today and they don't honor academic forgiveness. My GPA is 2.46 without forgiveness and 3.68 with and my science is 4.0 without forgiveness. Where would I have a chance to get my BSN? Does anyone know if UCO or any other that do honor it?? ANY help is very much appreciated!!!
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  3. by   Ambitiouz
    OU tend to be hard asses on getting accepted into their program but from what I hear you're not missing out on much by not going there. I would look at UCO, thats were I am attending now and I have a few bad marks on my record and they were able to look past those. See the recommended nursing advisor, she is really helpful in letting you know what classes they forgive.
  4. by   RXtech
    I'm not sure about any of the BSN programs, but I do know that OCCC accepts academic forgiveness. If you really want you BSN and can't find a program, you might consider getting an ADN first then doing and RN to BSN. Your GPA won't be so critical for the RN to BSN, plus all the hours of (hopefully) good grades you got in nursing school will have boosted your GPA anyway.

    Good luck!
  5. by   futurenurse516
    Thank you Ambitiouz, I am actually going to UCO on oct 15 to speak with them. I think I have a chance at getting in there. I have an 8 wk class about to end that I received an A in, so that should help GPA a little also. Thanks SO much for your help!
  6. by   futurenurse516
    Thanks RXtech. Yeah, the more I hear about OU's Nursing program the more I don't care to go there. OU told me to do the ADN program and they don't worry about GPA as much b/c there is not as many applicants. Right now I live in Tulsa and TCC has the same program, so IF UCO doesn't work out I will do that. Thank you for your post!!!
  7. by   eab12191
    Rose State's nursing program only uses prereqs for GPA. So if you did bad in classes not relating to the nursing program, they don't count. Or you can retake any classes you may have done poorly in.