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4 year RN pay at OU Medical Center

  1. 0 Hi ya all! New to OK and have a job interview, just wondering if any one knows what the average pay would be for a 4 year RN at OU Medical Center Telemetry.

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    Congratulations!!! I would like to know that information too!
    Good luck with your interview!
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    I'm sure the pay for an RN with 4 years of experience is pretty low. OU Medical Center was starting their new grad RNs off at $18.65 hourly as recently as 2009, so I'm assured that a 4-year RN would earn in the low-to-mid $20s per hour.
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    Yeah, low $20's more like it. Was offered the job, but very disappointed in the pay.
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    I know of an RN with about 1 year ICU experience who transfered to OU, and I believe she gets about 22 an hr. I guess it's like a $1 per year experience.
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    wow that is very low. Maybe it's because the area does not have to compete for their nurses. I'm now a 4 year experienced nurse but I started working as a brand-new graduate RN @ $26 back in 2008! Of course, I do work in Houston but NOT even in the Houston Medical Center! i can just imagine what new graduates are getting paid now working in the Houston Medical Center!