Summer 4560 who is in this?

  1. I'm In starting on June 17th. Anybody else?
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  3. by   SeminoleRN
  4. by   msteeleart
    Me too!
  5. by   woodsyny
    Good! We can suffer together!
  6. by   KYRN1013
    Me too.
  7. by   healthlink97
    Yes me too. Trying to get a hold of a syllabus to see which week is heavy for assignments. Need to schedule at work and I'm afraid I will schedule wrong days.
  8. by   woodsyny
    healthlink97 if you find it, let us know! This summer will be a 'lost' summer for me for sure!
  9. by   clevelin
    NRSE 4560 was actually one of the easier courses. I took it February 2013. Week Two you have to read "Tuesdays with Morrie" or watch the movie, and write a 50 point reflection paper. (The instructor also provides the movie in short segments if you don't own the book or movie.) Weeks 3-5 consist of writing a 50 point "Interview with an Older Adult" paper (week 3), an additional 20 point Evidence Based paper (week 4), and a 90 point final paper (week 5) on your "Interview with an Older Adult." Throughout the course there are additional assignments, and of course, the ever-present discussion boards. It sounds much worse than it actually was.
  10. by   AgentBeast
    Yeah I'll be in this course. Cool about the Tues with Morrie deal. Already read the book.
  11. by   ohgirn1
    I'm in, if I make it through family...
  12. by   woodsyny
    Sooooooooo everybody ready to start this on the 17th? I had a nice break from nursing classes, now back at it!
  13. by   AgentBeast
    No, not really, but I'm signed up for it. LOL
  14. by   VanessaRn89
    Just finished NRSE 4520- Health Assessment, I am so happy it was only 5 weeks! The class content was great, the multiple assignments and HESI quizzes were not- I thought I was done with NCLEX style q's. Well, I am looking forward to this class. Who else has to take the English class for the entire fall semester? Ugh.