Summer 4560 who is in this?

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    I'm In starting on June 17th. Anybody else?
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    Me too!
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    Good! We can suffer together!
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    Me too.
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    Yes me too. Trying to get a hold of a syllabus to see which week is heavy for assignments. Need to schedule at work and I'm afraid I will schedule wrong days.
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    healthlink97 if you find it, let us know! This summer will be a 'lost' summer for me for sure!
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    NRSE 4560 was actually one of the easier courses. I took it February 2013. Week Two you have to read "Tuesdays with Morrie" or watch the movie, and write a 50 point reflection paper. (The instructor also provides the movie in short segments if you don't own the book or movie.) Weeks 3-5 consist of writing a 50 point "Interview with an Older Adult" paper (week 3), an additional 20 point Evidence Based paper (week 4), and a 90 point final paper (week 5) on your "Interview with an Older Adult." Throughout the course there are additional assignments, and of course, the ever-present discussion boards. It sounds much worse than it actually was.
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    Yeah I'll be in this course. Cool about the Tues with Morrie deal. Already read the book.
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    I'm in, if I make it through family...