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Anyone know when the class list of offerings will be up for Spring 2012? All i need is a junior III and cross cultural, then I am GRADUATING!!!... Read More

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    if you search on my ohio some are up, but it must ne be a complete listing yet becasue they don't have 455 up
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    Quote from rocket2010
    if you look under teh electives thread in this board.. some of the other member are crurrently in that prof's class..
    Oh yes I see. I just assumed all classes had the same work load or requirements......
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    I must be blind or something. I can't find the spring class listings for 5-week classes. Everything I have found is for the 10 week classes??
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    I cannot find them either!! Anyone that knows, please help lol
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    Thanks stephparm! I can't believe the listings aren't available yet, registration starts tomorrow. This is crazy.
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    I've never seen this link!
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    im supposed to be able to register today.. but the classes arent up?
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    I see it's for the online bachelor's completion program. Maybe that's makes the difference......
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    Classes are up but ... The schedule is messed up. Classes that were supposed to be offered for the 2nd 5 week session of spring are missing. In their place are the classes from the 1st 5 week session of summer. WTH??!! Off to send an email to my advisor ..........