Ohio University RN to BSN - NRSE 4540 - Community- Spring-2/18/ 2013

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    Anyone taking Community Health online with OU RN to BSN program that starts 2/18/13? Would like to start a thread for support. Have used this site in past and appreciated having others to share / support.
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    Yup, me too!!!
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    Quote from DidiRN
    Yup, me too!!!
    Lucky for me I am done with that one.
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    I'm in it too
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    I'm in too. Thanks for starting a thread for this class!
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    Me too! Is anyone doubling up with Evidence?
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    Quote from jandm855
    Me too! Is anyone doubling up with Evidence?
    Yes, I confess I am. Probably not wise but I just want to be done! My rationale is that it's winter and I have nothing better to do. I definitely won't be bored!
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    I truly admire those of you who are able to take more than one class at a time. I don't think there is anyway I could do two of these classes at once! Maybe I just spend to much time and effort on them, (I think that is the "older" student in me!) but WOW! But I do have a question: Did anyone take the stats class on-line? I haven't taken it yet and am really intimidated by it. Although I used to be fairly good in math, if you don't use it you loose, right? Tell me your experiences, please. Have even looked at taking it in a classroom at nearby colleges but just frustrated - don't want a 16 week, 2 nights a week class when I could suck it up and be done in 5! I also think I saw a reference to one professor being awesome, maybe Karadogan? But I don't see that prof listed for next few times it is offered, just Lassiter and McCarthy, I think. Thoughts, please?
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    Modgoth, You're welcome! Thanks for jumping in. The more support, the better!
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    I'm in too. Along with Music!

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