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Since it seems that there's quite a bit of interest, I'm attempting to start a new thread devoted exclusively to the OU on-line RN-BSN program that will hopefully build on the comments on assorted previous threads. I'd like... Read More

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    I was also very disappointed with the results of my DARs report and realized after analyzing it, it would take much longer than I anticipated to get my BSN through OU. I did feel like my counselor Nina was extremely helpful and easy to get a hold of throughout the process. They also offered me a pretty generous financial aid package of loans. In the end though I really wanted to earn my BSN within a year so I chose to attend the University of Wyoming's RN-BSN program. Were it not for the additional classes OU would have required, I would definitely have went with them.

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    Thank you sandpiper1 for this concise summary. It's good to hear what the program is really like, especially given that one of the replies on this thread recounted that a co-worker stated that she dropped out of the OU program because it was "too easy."

    As I've posted elsewhere in this thread, I applied some time ago and am a bit disappointed by the lack of communication by OU: To date (over a month later) I still don't have confirmation that my application, much less my transcripts, have been received. It would be nice to get some feedback about what stage of the process you're in. This is very different than my experience with my application to UT-A. In that case, I've received both snail and e-mail communications letting me know that my application was received (I applied about 2 weeks after I sent my application to OU) and giving me access to my account on the UT-A student computer system. Today I got a snail mail telling my that they had not yet received all of my transcipts and providing me with directions on how to access the page in my UT-A student account that will track the transcripts as they are recieved by the University. Much different than OU.

    I'm also very anxious to see what my evaluation looks like. My own analysis leads me to believe that I have covered all of the science/math prereqs including statistics, calc, chem, nutrition and micro as well as the other social sciences, fine arts and humanities requirements (I started college an Anthro major and left with a BA in communications, so I've got lots of those kind of classes). Like I said, I'm very interested to see what the OU eval looks like.

    Though I'm leaning toward OU, the eval will be the discriminator in choosing between the 2 programs.
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    Well, due to circumstances I am holding off on starting OU this month. Once my DARS report was FINALLY completed things starting clipping along. I find it difficult to navigate their website and find what I truly need at times. Anyhow, everyone keep me informed on what's happening with your process. I've certainly been reading some good things about WGU but again, no GPA so not accepted by all schools for graduate programs. Chuckster, I hope you get some solid answers soon!
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    check out sacred heart university's rn to msn programs. Im taking chemistry on-line now and finding it all good so far. The only thing is the cost is much higher than OU or WGU but not as high as Chamberlain or UOP. SHU has been very organized and prompt. Sometimes you get what you pay for, so to speak. I still have my application and transcripts at OU, but haven't heard a thing so far. I sent the application fee in about 3 weeks ago and I don't think the check has been cashed. I looked into WGU as well, but didn't care for the fact that their "credits" are not transferrable. Sacred Heart may be a viable candidate for you. Check them out and best of luck to you!
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    I applied 2/4/2011. I did get my DAR and welcome packet today. Im def not happy with the initial report. I think it woul just be simple to say this is what you have taken and this is what you need. They dont make it clear cut. The codes they are usiing are not popping up the right grades for me like saying i repeated a class for a grade when I know I never have had to repeat a course. This is just a bit messed up for me. I am due to start May 8 so we shall see. I just wish it was a bit easier to navigate. My job does the outreach program so we shall see
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    Thanks babynurse73. I came out okay with OU credits...but not initially so don't panic guys! I ended up needed the cross cultural thing (stupid requirement if you already have a BS IMO) but oh well...and of course the 12 nursing courses. I just need to delay starting and will consider other programs. I'm always open to options. Thanks again!
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    Mtsteelhorse: OK thats good to hear because I was really starting to panic/ Im hoping I dont need much.I dont mind talking a few langauge classes
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    Have you had most of the general ed. classes? Initially I couldn't believe my DARS report...then they finalized it and it looked MUCH better. I'm still trying to grasp the degree of difficulty/time this curriculum requires. I'm not looking for a slide program but quite frankly I don't want to live and breathe school either. I guess we'll see. I'm slated for Fall now after all this. But that's okay. Let me know how it goes for you!
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    I have had quite a bit of gen ed. I knew I may need another english( junior level) and statistics.I didnt think I would need much.
    My DAR report looked like I still needed to meet Nursing requirements from my ASN( I couldnt believe that)
    Off the top of my head I know I have soc, eng 1 &2, Maths done, psych,communication, Microecon, etc. So Im hoping the final gives me credit for all this stuff. Im gonna take Nrse 300 and see how it goes. Ill add the rest in as I can. I work FT i have 2 kids and Im just trying to juggle. Like you I dont want it to totally consume my life but I want to finish ASAP. I know it wont be easy. but Im mentally preparing myself
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    Quote from SShannon81
    I applied 2/4/2011. I did get my DAR and welcome packet today. . . . This is just a bit messed up for me. I am due to start May 8 so we shall see. I just wish it was a bit easier to navigate. My job does the outreach program so we shall see
    Yikes! If this is the timeline to hearing anything from OU (2/4 to 3/24 is roughly 7 weeks), I won't get a response until about the second week of April. That's a long wait with not much buffer time to an 8 Mar semester start. I can only hope that that DAR won't have any unpleasant surprises.

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