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I am starting a new thread for nurses starting in the online May 2013 cohort for ADN to BSN outreach initiative. The first class is NRSE 4510. What's on your mind guys!... Read More

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    Indeed! I should have my last stuff finished by Tuesday. I ended up taking one less class this summer because I'm having surgery in a few weeks. I only have stats and our assignments are already posted! The instructor recommends getting an early jump on things. I guess that's kinda nice to have but geez.

    Ah well. I also recalculated and I can take only one class per 5 week term and still graduate in a year. That's doable for me!

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    Awesome! The one class per 5 week term is the smart way to go. I was going to take two classes middle 5 weeks in the fall, but after this first 5 weeks and getting a feel for things I decided to stick with the one class per 5 week plan. I'll be done the first 5 weeks next summer, which is fine. I could use a break before 4560 starts, but oh well.
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    Lol! we must be in the same stats class, i think theres only one. But i was shocked to see all the assignments posted. Its making me nervous already! After this class I realized I can only handle one class at a time. By the time i finished reading all the assigned readings it was time to write the paper, the 3 discussion boards then BAM! do it all over again for the next week!
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    Last week you guys!!!!! I have 1 paragraph to get through for the last paper!!!! then I can breathe for the weekend and start my stats class on MONDAY!!! must secure proctor foe exams! AHHHHHH! why am I doing this to my self? IDK!!!
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    Last assignment completed. I am done with this course. Hallelujah! I get a day off tomorrow. Then on to 4560 gerontology on Monday. Ugh.
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    Everyone survive? So get this.....after talking to some coworkers, I discovered my TA had two different sections. Out of the six of us with her, I'm the only one that passed the course. They had the exact same complaints I did. Another coworker that just graduated from OU read our papers, the course objectives, and flat out told us we got a terrible TA. I felt slightly better after that lol

    Here's hoping I don't run into her again!
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    Oh god, how awful! I wonder if it was the one I had. She was brutal!
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    ohh my god, how scary.... only you passed out of six students...that horrible!!!
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    Hi all,

    Can you all please inbox me the name of this TA so I can avoid her/him??? Thanks so much! I had a really really bad TA for 4510 and I would love to avoid having a similar experience in other classes.


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