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  1. by   shaniarose
    Quote from ScottE,RN
    Yeah I hate this already.
    and I'm throwing up as we speak....... just finished all the reading for week 2 don't even know if any of it was necessary for the assignment... (vomit)
  2. by   AgentBeast
    Well I guess I don't hate this as much now as I did on Sunday. Now, after all week 1 assignments have been graded, I have an A in the course. I hate stressing out over this crap though. I guess I just need to stick to the directions for the assignments and the rubrics.
  3. by   ShantheRN
    I still don't like it. Admittedly I could've gotten all the points on that ridiculous self test but I was too annoyed to scour the website for all possible answers. I found the grammar test a bit insulting but meh. The personal statement paper had a point at least. I'm either having formatting issues (I'm on a Mac and saving in Pages as a Word document) or my TA can't read because all but one of her comments don't make sense. I'm too tired to figure it out right now. Grrr.

    I have an 86, and frankly I'm totally okay with that lol
  4. by   AgentBeast
    This individual analysis paper sucks.
  5. by   ShantheRN
    It certainly did. Ugh. But.....at least it's pertinent to nursing practice. I can stomach tedious assignments if they're relevant.
  6. by   mmmlaugh
    Im taking 3 classes. Im nuts. Ill never do that again! I love nutrition and stats classes, nursing is annoying. To hell with APA format. lol! I have to admit, I am learning a lot. Stats is hard but I could Ace it if I were only taking one class. Right now I have an 85. Im a little worried but Im just gonna keep on keepin on!! Nutrition is super easy BTW. I have maintained 100 percent so far. Nursing I had a 90 until this past weekend. Ill know have she grades my assignments. I dont think I did so great on my discussion board or Individual analysis. I was pressed for time. Ill check back later. Good luck to you all!!!!
  7. by   shaniarose
    3 more weeks!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. by   ShantheRN
    2 and a half. Ugh.
  9. by   AgentBeast
    APA format is kicking my ass. If it wasn't for that I might actually enjoy and learn something from the discussion board posts. The paper writing sucks. I'd learn more from a multiple guess test, but that is me.
  10. by   ShantheRN
    I feel the same way, Scott. I've been going back and forth with my TA all day about "mistakes" on my paper and have yet to get anything clarified. It's not the content of my papers that is the problem. I'm kinda over it. As long as I get an 80, I'm good.
  11. by   woodsyny
    Get use to it. Every single nursing class is just that....APA!
  12. by   ShantheRN
    I'm fine with APA. I'm not okay when points are deducted and there's no explanation. In my last email, I even explained that I just wanted to know what *exactly* was wrong so I wouldn't repeat the mistake. Her emails are not making sense. I find it odd that my APA format is fine for other classes lol

    Ironically enough, this probably could have been resolved if she would use complete sentences and clarity in her responses.
  13. by   AgentBeast
    Well week 3 is over. On to week 4. This week doesn't seem as bad.