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  1. Hi, all was wondering if anyone out there is enrolling in Ohio University Family Nurse Practitioner program for Winter 2012?? I was accepted and would like to seek out other students beginning this term. I also posted this question on facebook. Thanks
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  3. by   deltaroxxy2
    When did you apply? I am on the fence at to when I want to pursue something further.
  4. by   mtsteelhorse
    I'm debating applying but wouldn't be start until Jan 2013. Let us know how it is and good luck!
  5. by   rninme
    I plan on applying for Jan 2013 also mtsteelhorse! Need to start working on my CV - already have asked my references to write letters
  6. by   mtsteelhorse
    I don't know if I will apply or not. I'm at real crossroads in my life and may opt to spend my time pursuing other things after the BSN. Two months ago I was certain I would go on...now I'm not so sure. I have lots of time left to work but I'm not sure if I want to have my nose in a book for 2-3 more years after the BSN when I have kids at home. Time goes by so quickly...and these years are precious. Good luck with the CV!
  7. by   deltaroxxy2
    I'm in the same boat MTsteel…My kids are 9 and almost 7. I'm only 36, so I "technically" have some time life in me to work, so really there is no rush…LOL
  8. by   HeathRN
    HI all, I just started the program last week so I cannot really give an evaluation of it. I can say that it is going to be alot of work you need to be doing at least 20-30 hours of school work per week. I am already planning on cutting my hours at work.
  9. by   deltaroxxy2
    Is statistics part of the curriculum? My friend took stats for her bsn, and had to take again for her NP program.
  10. by   mtsteelhorse
    deltaroxxy, my kids are 10 and 15 but I'm an older Mom . I wish you luck if you go on...as for me I'm not going to apply. This BSN will be enough! Go for it! You have lots of time!
  11. by   stephparm
    I really want a MSN, but I do not want to leave bedside nursing. I just don't think NP is for me. I plan on getting my MSN-CNL, so far looking at Sacred Heart and St. Xavier.
  12. by   mtsteelhorse
    Excuse my ignorance but what is CNL? Is that clinical nurse leader? I just want to play as much as possible. I'm skiing every chance I get. When spring comes I switch to riding my horse, fly fishing, camping...so much to do, so little time!
  13. by   stephparm
    Yes-- clinical nurse leader
  14. by   mtsteelhorse
    deltaroxxy2 are you still thinking about applying to the FNP program? Just curious who's going that direction. I swore it off but am now reconsidering. Thanks!

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