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Hi, all was wondering if anyone out there is enrolling in Ohio University Family Nurse Practitioner program for Winter 2012?? I was accepted and would like to seek out other students beginning this... Read More

  1. by   mtsteelhorse
    Quote from HeathRN
    So I left the program. It was not what I had expected. I too want and have a life. It was more stress than I was prepared to deal with. Not sure what I'm going to do now, sad and disappointed that this experince was not what I was told it would be. If they tell you you can work, go to school, and have time for your life they are not be truthful and don't believe them either if they tell you that you need 20 hrs a week for school work, myself and most of the other people in that class were working up to 40 hrs a week. I'm going to look at some local on campus programs that have a part-time option. If it takes me longer so be it.
    I sent you a PM. Please contact me if you can. I would love to talk with you a bit more about this. Thanks.
  2. by   jrgarnp
    I have been accepted to start the online FNP at OU this fall. I'm wondering if it will be too much for me. I am planning on working 12 hours per week and homeschooling my kids while going through this program. Any input? Thanks!
  3. by   Tay, RN2010
    Heath RN,

    I recently applied to Ohio U, & I am awaiting a decision. I am curious about the length of time it took them send your acceptance letter, and your GPA before applying to Ohio U.