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I know many of you are coming very close to being finished. Thought maybe we could have a roll call for those getting close and those not so close. Those getting close to the end...tell us when you many classes,... Read More

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    Quote from lisa323
    Started Jan 2012, still waiting for DARS!!!
    My DARS was done really quickly. No surprises in it. Needed the obvious statistics and Junior English. All the rest transferred in.

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    Take Prof P is possible for Jun English....
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    I started January 2012 and I am hoping to be done end of September. I have to take all 12 nursing courses plus Nutrition and a Junior Comp. class. I'm still fighting the Comp course, so we'll see if I end up having to take it. Has anyone taken Nutrition through OU online? Just curious if it's worth taking or if I am better off going to my local community college.
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    I assume you mean Sept 2013, right???
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    It's actually September 2012. I've been taking two classes at a time. At least I hope it will be this year. If I don't have a breakdown before
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    Wow, you're cruising? Do you work, have kids, etc? I need some motivation to double up and finish. The two classes at at time thing worries me. I spend SOOOOO much time researching for the simplest papers. If it weren't for that aspect I'm sure I could cruise on through. I mean HOURS looking for references. It's ridiculous.
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    I work full-time, usually 40 hours a week but lately its been about 50. I just recently changed my schedule so that I'm off Thursday thru Saturday and work 4 10's the other days. I was spending my entire weekend working on school work and I was miserable. I don't have kids, and I'm sure that makes a huge difference as far as available time for school. I'm pretty lucky in that my work is very flexible and I've been able to do some assignments on my breaks and lunches. I don't have the typical nursing job where I'm in the hospital on the floor. I spend a lot of time working from home and on the computer so I'm able to make the time for the classes. I chose to double up because I wanted to be done quicker and my goal was to be done with school before my wedding. So on top of work and school I am also planning a wedding. It's been stressful but manageable.

    When looking for references are you using the online library or textbooks for your resources?
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    I haven't figured out how to navigate the online library. I end up with nothing. It's very frustrating. I don't have many textbooks...I rent mine. How about you?
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    Both the admissions and DARS processes were very drawn out in my case. I applied in Feb 2011 but due to the "new computing system" did not get admitted until June and started in July. My final DARS was done sometime in September (in OU's defense, they had to process transfer coursework from 7 colleges and review graduate courses from 3 others). While the timeline was long, ultimately it was worth the wait: I either got credit for or was exempted from all of the none-nursing requirements. This nominally left the 12 nursing classes in the RN-BSN program but OU exempted me from Management & Strategic Planning on the basis of my MBA - I actually missed this on the DARS and only found out about it when we completed the TDCP.

    So, I've completed 5 classes so far and have 5 more to go. Because I'm in the office far more than the 40 hours I get paid for each week and because I have to travel fairly frequently, I only take one class at a time. Even so, I'll be done in the Fall - and that's only because I have to skip a session (either spring 2 or summer 1) because nothing I need is offered
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    I started in Sept 2011. Need all nursing plus 7 electives. I am too chicken and lazy to double up lol. Hoping to be done end of 2013.
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