Gerontology….Who has or is taking this class soon???

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    Who's taking it winter 2? Have you gotten your book? Are you buying or renting?

    Also, if you have taken it, any advice?

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    I am taking it next 5 weeks with research (I think - I will be renting the book from bookrenter............ what about you? I am so psyched - last class starts in March!!!
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    Steph..Will you be totally done after the class you take in March…I'm chanting April 28!!!

    I'll rent unless I find a cheaper international version to buy.
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    I have already taken Gerontology. I recommend watching the dvd Tuesdays with Morrie first and then using the book to reference for assignments. I borrowed the book from my local library. During my course I was very frustrated with the quizzes. It seemed like some of the questions were not from the assigned material for the week. I got my worst quiz grades ever in this class.
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    I also recommend that you start reading the book in advance if possible. For my course it was necessary to read the whole book.
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    Thanks for the tip. How many quizzes? DId thy give a study guide? I've read the book, but will read again to refresh my memory.
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    I had 4 quizzes for grades. There were never any study guides. The only advice was to use the guiding questions for each module when studying. I don't know what advice to give about studying. I was never able to find the answers to some questions. I complained about the quizzes in the final evaluation for the class.
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    You also have to have a person over the age of 70 to use for at least 2 assignments. I used my mother-in-law. It was easy to write about someone I know personally and I could talk to her any time. At one point we had to read a sad poem to our elderly person and then write about it. I didn't like that assignment. Tuesdays with Morrie is also very sad.
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    Great - lol. This is my next class. Don't like it already!
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    I took Gerontology, I hated it, but I hate geriatrics...

    You have to read and/or watch Tuesdays with Morrie and you have to write a reflection..

    Here was my breakdown from the course:

    Writing Assignments (3 @ 50 Points Each) 150 Points (44%)
    Writing Assignment (1 @ 10 points) 10 Points (3%)
    Writing Assignment (1 @ 90 points) 90 Points (26%)
    Quizzes (4 @ 10 Points Each) 40 Points (12%)
    Discussion Participation (5 @ 10 Points Each) 50 Points (15%)
    Total Points 340 Points (100%)

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