Gerontology Spring 2013 - page 2

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    Alright! Let's get these 5 weeks done! LOL!!!

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    good luck everyone!
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    Wat an exciting class
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    Anyone else confused about the first assignment? It doesn't seem to relate to the readings at all? I may be over thinking advice please>
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    Totally procrastinating writing this paper. The directions are so very vague that I can't get a handle on what exactly they are looking for
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    Me either.
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    Procrastination at it's best, that's what weekends are for . But really, the reading in the assignment is basically guidelines for quality improvement. Don't overthink it. Find some articles about quality improvement. Compare the articles and the reading, and write a paper discussing quality improvement for the older population and how your experience relates or would relate, and how all of this will affect your care for the older population in the future.
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    Ugh! I'm such a procrastinator! And I HAVE to get this paper done tonight/tomorrow morning. I have to work Fri, Sat and Sun nights!!
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    I am also having a terrible time with this assignment. The rubric is not even remotely clear. I have now spent 10 hours researching, reading, writing, and revising this assignment and I feel like I have nothing that I can even come close to submitting. I too have to work all weekend to the next 6 hours will make or break me. I am so frustrated I could cry. Does anyone have any direction?
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    Is it me, why am I struggling with this assignment? Is it because we don't work in nursing homes? Uggghhh...I think I would have preferred the wet depends assignment.
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