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It appears that there are several people who's plans to graduate have been messed up in light of the (late) release of the spring 2013 schedule. I am personally NOT happy that business communication... Read More

  1. by   AgentBeast
    Quote from cincinursemary
    Where is that? Is that an OU class?
    No it's Community College in Cleveland. You can take Psychology 2020 online at Tri-C and it will transfer to Ohio U as Developmental Psychology. Tri-C and OU have a matriculation agreement.

  2. by   woodsyny
    My advisor had o.k'd general anthropology for cross cultural anthropology at western oklahoma 10 day intercession. Someone just posted on the OU facebook page that their advisor also o.k.'d that course which is offered in the 10 day intercession. Check it out with your advisor but I would get it in writing!
  3. by   woodsyny
    Developmental psych at Edukan is $130/credit hour , 8 week class. Regionally accredited