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Just some info that found on another board. Clovis college has some really cheap classes. This is their link for LAST years summer section which had micro and chemistry. Don't know what this years summer session will have but... Read More

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    also Colorado state university-pueblo offers online chemistry independent study, also has lab. 9 months to finish. No I already have chemistry under my belt but thought I would pass the info on. I am taking developmental psych there through independent study. I think someone got approved to take it there. also another link:

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    Hello, I am enrolled in the RN-BSN program at OU. Can anyone tell me the course numbers I need for Edukan? I need micro, A&P1, and chemistry. I want to go there because of the virtual labs.
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    ecdc94 There is only 1 microbiology course at edukan and I don't remember the course number off the top of my head but it transferred to OU. A lot of OU students have taken Chemistry at Clovis College and you do the assignments at home I believe. They also offer microbiology there as well. the microbiology at Edukan was 5 credits and was work

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