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Starting this family nursing course in January and from what I hear this is going to be a hard course. I am looking for the support of my fellow class mates, or any hints from those who have... Read More

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    I am very happy to say that this will be my last semester at OU. Since they switched to semesters it has been an uphill battle. I have 2 gen ed classes and Im completely done. If I ever have to look at another school book it will be too soon. I keep hearing " School's Out" theme song playing in my mental background. lol
    I am taking Family, excellence and Jr Eng.
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    Quote from DidiRN
    Maybe, just maybe...they learned something from the previous class. I know, wishful thinking

    I just found out I have the TA from h*ll again...grrrr.
    Oh no. I looked and didn't have any info posted. But I didn't get back on yesterday. I need to go look and see who I have.
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    This class doesn't look that bad. I agree with you, I think I'm used to the pace and the output for the work by now.

    Quote from Simply Complicated
    Maybe they made some changes since summer when it was offered. I thought I read something about winter last year having quizzes, and we have none of those. But even though we are placed into groups, it's simply for the case studies. The work is individual. Maybe I'm just getting used to the program and expect the classes to be a lot of work, but it seems to be about what all the classes run, which is a lot as it's all crammed into 5 weeks. It is considered an accelerated program though. We're doing a 3 or 4 credit class in 5 weeks. Guess we will see how it goes!
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    Quote from Simply Complicated
    I didn't see anything about a midterm and a final. Also none of the group things talk about actually working with members other than normal discussion board posts. Maybe I'm missing something?
    I didn't see anything about a midterm or final either. The same with the group thing. I think they changed things for us? Maybe?
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    Quote from DidiRN
    Maybe, just maybe...they learned something from the previous class. I know, wishful thinking

    I just found out I have the TA from h*ll again...grrrr.
    I just looked, I've never had this TA before. Guess I'll see how it goes.
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    Quote from NBanasz1
    So for the definition of Family do you think we need a total of 4 references (2 in text and 2 extra) or just a total of 2. Not good that I am so confused already. and DidiRN how did you find out who your TA is, I still have no correspondence.
    It's 2 references, no more than 3. You can have one ref. be your textbook and one has to be a peer reviewed journal.
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    I've not had my TA before either. So we'll see. She's also a nursing instructor.
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    I'm not understanding this Therapeutic family letter. Are we writing it to the family in the case study?
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    That's what I'm doing.
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    I am writing the theraputic family letter based on the case study from the book. This also includes only the interventions that were stated in the book. Which means that much of the information is coming from the book, yet we are not supposed to include a reference for the book. I am confused especially since this paper is going to be checked for plagarism. Also found is VERY hard to write the letter at a fifth grade level and incorporate the Nursing Diagnosis. Still its done.

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