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Excellence with Clinical now - page 5

From the FB page NRSE 4600 is an on-line class. There is a new accreditation requirement that we have to have one course with a clinical component in our RN to BSN. NRSE 4600 will have one... Read More

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    After my experience with 4520, I would prepare for a total cluster! I hope they have 4600 all figured out by the time I get there!
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    Quote from Simply Complicated
    I haven't looked at books yet, lol. I need to get on it and order mine soon. Haven't heard a word about this clinical. No surprise. Just one more last minute detail with no clarification.
    I took advantage of the student success line and gave them a call. Lots of venting that day!! The girl (a student herself) said the clinical portion is just an at-home project and students will not have to venture out to fulfill the requirement....lets hope so.....
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    Quote from michelemybell
    I took advantage of the student success line and gave them a call. Lots of venting that day!! The girl (a student herself) said the clinical portion is just an at-home project and students will not have to venture out to fulfill the requirement....lets hope so.....
    You got more information than I was able to get! I also spoke with someone from the student success center to remind them a lot of us work full time and some of us may have work situations where we work alone (without other nurses there at the same time). Expecting us to do something that would require supervision or pre-planned time off needs to be presented to us NOW as some of our employers require us to submit all of our PTO requests for the entire year by mid January. I still got no hint as to what the requirement will be.
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    Let me first say that this appears to be a poorly thought out change by OU and to all affected by it, my sympathy. OU seems to not be very good at adapting new requirements into the RN-BSN program but with the numbers of changes they are implementing, this will either change or they will suffer on the enrollment side. While I'm not affected by the change (finished last month), my guess is that it won't be quite as bad as it first appears. Easy for me to say though!
    Quote from Frills
    For those of us who are in Nursing Excellence in Jan 2013... has anyone noticed that we now need 2 books. They are listed on the spring course offering page. The book store is only showing 1 book, anyone have any more info? Also has anyone heard anything more regarding the clinical component of Excellence? Merry Christmas to all!!
    I have no idea why OU now requires 2 books for this course. The text that was used when I took this class was one of the most useless books I've ever purchased. Frankly, I do not think I ever even used it as reference for the class posts and actually don't recall ever opening it. What I'm trying to say is that it you will probably be fine starting the class without the extra textbook and getting it - if even needed - after you've started. There is a lot of information available via the web and a great deal of useful scholarly info can be gotten through the OU library.

    Best of luck to all of you starting Excellence and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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    I agree with chuckster - I didn't even crack the one book that was required for us. Not sure how important the other one is going to be either. The one book I did use extensively for the class was the book from Community.
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    Agree! Don't sweat it. Excellence was the most organized, straight forward course of the program. I had a super TA and there were NO issues. Hopefully it won't be much different for you guys. Relax...it's never as bad as it sometimes feels.

    Merry Christmas everyone!
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    hey, I am new to these threads. I am enrolled in 4600 for Spring 13' and I have a lab component in my enrollment. I am also taking Business Communications for my Junior Comp requirement. These will be my final two courses. I was not aware of any clinical for 4600. What the heck?
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    I'm taking this as my second to last class....starting it in a week. I had no idea.
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    what is the lab component for 4600?
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    Anyone in this class now?
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    I am in the class now. Don't worry about the clinical component, it is just a project basically and you have to have someone with a BSN agree to be a mentor that you can bounce ideas off of. You have broad categories such as patient safety or patient centered care to do the project on. It spans over the 5 weeks and is most of your assignments. I'm in week 1 and it really doesn't seem too bad. Hope this helps!
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    Thanks, I am in my first week too. I had a mini break down when I read the clinical project information. I am done with this program already. Which session are you in ?